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Meet the Numerique revenue revolutionaries

We believe in having a talented team of self-starters that want to deliver the best results for our clients

What We Believe In

We believe in making the world a better place

We achieve this by scaling impactful businesses. Our focus is on promoting our clients’ brands and effectively disseminating their message worldwide. We refuse to settle for the status quo, constantly striving to expand our own business with the same level of honesty and integrity we employ to enhance our clients’ enterprises.



Lifelong Learning


Executive team

As the CEO of Leemeo, SoftParallax, Dotnovix and HostSecuaL, I lead four innovative and dynamic web design companies that offer creative and customized solutions for various clients and projects. With my passion for digital strategy, web design, and customer satisfaction, I have successfully delivered multiple websites that meet the needs and expectations of our diverse and global clientele.

CEO & Owner of Leemeo group of Companies
Shariar Bin Shisir


Our mission

Our mission drives nearly everything we do; to positively impact 3,000 people around the world by working with scientists, engineers, businesses and non-profits to advance and accelerate the adoption of life-changing innovation.

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Joining Soft Parallax means joining our extended family. As we work together to create impactful marketing campaigns, we prioritize not only the success of our team members but also their well-being and the well-being of their families.